There has been some confusion on why John Schneller voted the way he did on this issue. Many people do not have the full story and are in danger of splitting the vote due to this one issue.

John did not ‘vote for masks’ but to END mask mandates by the end of January, which was effectively secured. Here’s what really happened:

John voted for a period that ONLY spanned two weeks – 12 school days.  It started Jan 11th and ended Jan 28th.  Note however, that BHS, one elementary school and McKelvie were already mandating masks  due to cluster and outbreak rules as dictated by rules from DHHS.  What is more important to note is that the vote was 5-0.  Had John voted against it the vote would have been 4-1.  He got something in return for his vote.  Superintendent Mike Fournier wanted a 5-0 vote because he wanted “full SB support on this issue.”  John told him he would support him with his vote IF AND ONLY IF he publicly stated that we would NOT mandate masks beyond the end of the month except as required by DHHS.  Fournier hesitatingly accepted a definitive hard truncation of any more masking for the year, absent any regulatory mandated action. However, he tried to get out of this agreement ON STAGE. On Jan 10th at approximately the 8:10 PM mark of the SB meeting at the BHS theatre it can be verified that John told Supt. Fournier he would support him ONLY if he committed to this limited 2 week period and further would commit to NO MASKS FOR THE REST OF THE YEAR.   This is on video which one may easily check on BCTV.  Fournier was not going to make that commitment but John forced him to do so PUBLICLY ON TV.  So who is the more reasonable candidate?  The Metrics committee whose lead Fournier follows closely wanted an extended masking period, in substance for the rest of the year.

Had John not secured the compromise he secured, our kids would still be wearing masks.